Meet Alba Torregrossa

Meet Alba Torregrossa

This week I present to you a very sweet illustrator, with fairytale and dreamlike colors, able to take you to a magical and wonderful world through her splendid illustrations.
 Alba Torregrossa !

Hi Alba, would you like to tell me a little about yourself and your passion for illustration?

Hello Chiara! My name is Alba, I am 31 years old and I am a London-based illustrator / video editor.

My passion for illustration was born from a very young age. You know when a drawing was placed against the window to be able to trace its outlines? Here, I was one of those little girls who loved to dirty the freshly cleaned windows in the bedroom.

And from that moment the drawing has never left me. Drawing expressing my emotions, fears, deepest hopes has always occupied a large part of my life.

Your drawings are almost dreamlike, the sensation in looking at them is that of getting lost in time and space. If I were to imagine a background sound by observing them, I would imagine that of a harp. What emotions do you hope people will get when they look at your illustrations?

Thank you so much for this wonderful description. I like to think of my illustrations as a friend who listens to you when you need someone to talk to. If on the one hand they help me to express what I have inside, on the other I hope they can be a voice of comfort for anyone who is reflected in them.
It is like a "meeting halfway" between what I feel and what those who stop to observe my illustrations feel.

When you draw, does the final result always coincide with your initial idea? How would you describe your creative process?

When I have an idea in mind, I always try to collect as many references as possible. I like to observe, study and report everything on my drawing pad. Initially I try not to focus too much on the final result, rather I let myself be carried away by the design and the sensations I feel at that moment. It is a continuous discovery, a constant evolution: I like to keep control of what I want to achieve but I always leave a door open to the unpredictable.
Which turns out to be the best ingredient! What can never be missing in the background when you draw? Do you listen or watch anything in particular?

Very often I like to listen to music, even better if not headphones. I like to enter my own world and music has that power to me. Conversely, too much silence is sometimes so loud that I can't stand it. ツ

Taking this type of path in Italy is not easy, in fact often discouragement then leads to giving up one's dreams, especially in the creative field. Many people wish they could try outside but sometimes courage is never enough and fears make it difficult to make these kinds of decisions. Based on your experience of life abroad, what would you recommend?

You are right, our dear Italy is a wonderful country, but I admit that unfortunately it is not easy to pursue an artistic career there.

I would recommend giving it a try if the opportunity presents itself and if you have the opportunity to do so. And then it's really true that 'what comes from what', new adventures always lead to something beautiful and unexpected. After all, there is always time to go back!

Which of your works are you most attached to?

One of the jobs I'm most attached to is definitely “Pantelleria”.

It is not the illustration that I prefer most aesthetically, but it represents a turning point in my artistic career: it is with this illustration that I unconsciously began to outline my personal style.
And then I'm definitely very attached to “Mother Nature”:

not only does it represent a celebration of nature itself, but it is also an invitation to appreciate, love and respect all the beauties that surround us, every day.

My last question for you is the one I ask all artists, which is what do you wish for the future as an artist and as a person!

I sincerely hope that I will never lose the curiosity and enthusiasm to learn, study and improve, both as a person and as an artist. I hope to be able to live a life full of amazement, passion and love and to always be able to find beauty in the little things!

Thank you very much Alba ツ

Thank you too! 

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