Sunday with tv show Friends!

Sunday with Friends..Tv Show!

I'll tell you, Sunday is not my favorite day of the week. There are those who love it, those who hate it, for some it lasts too short and for others time never seems to pass.

In recent years Sunday had become for me the antechamber of anxiety in anticipation of Monday, my terrible Mondays. Then I simply improved my Mondays and this allowed me to live Sunday with more relaxation.

For me Sunday is getting up at 8:30, opening the windows, making a huge cup of milk with my favorite cookies and… watching Friends!

Friends is actually always playing in the background. Everyone has a favorite TV series, novel or movie, for me Friends has become a status ... almost a religion! Don't take me for crazy, maybe I'm just a little fanatic! But if you too are crazy about Friends you will know very well what I'm talking about!

Oh yes, I know because I am part of several huge and wonderful groups of people who cannot in any way detoxify themselves from those six Central Perk friends .. and it's wonderful! It is absolutely normal for us to see the same sitcom over and over as if it were the first time. Legends say that there isn't a Friends fan who hasn't seen all seasons at least 18 times.

It's hard to explain, many have defined sitcom as a natural stress reliever and antidepressant. How to blame him? Whatever your mood, after 30 minutes of Friends you will start feeling the endorphins invading every branch of your brain!
So Sunday is nothing more than the perfect day for a regenerating Netflix marathon! Whether it's a joyful or depressing Sunday, rainy or sunny… at least one episode is a must!

I think Friends will become a small column on my blog, I'm curious to know how many we share this passion! I vowed to spread the love I have for this sitcom wherever I set foot, so I'll make sure anyone I meet in my way falls in love with it!

Let me know here in the comments how many little crazy fanatics like me are reading this article, alternatively tell me about your ideal Sundays and the little vices that you allow yourself!

I leave you a glass of milk here and wish you a wonderful Sunday!