The importance of copyright

The importance of Copyright

Today I would like to talk to you about a topic that is particularly close to my heart. In my case, I mainly appeal to artists.

Tell the truth, how many times have you wandered around the web to see your works of art had been indexed by various search engines and maybe discover that some page has used your work without giving you the right credits? Unfortunately it happens.
If on the one hand you feel joy and emotion in seeing your work shared, it is equally true that previous feelings often collide with a feeling of bitterness and disappointment.
Try for a moment to imagine the artwork "La Gioconda", also known as the Mona Lisa.
Imagine if it had been handed down over the years without ever mentioning its author Leonardo da Vinci. Today we would admire a work without knowing the authorship, the story!

Obviously no one here intends to compare himself to da Vinci, but every artist puts body and soul into what he creates and will always be hurt by those who "mistreat" his work. I am not speaking only of those who share without citing, but also of those who share by appropriating rights. As Alessandra Loreti said well, the illustrations you find on google do not draw themselves.

Fortunately, innovation is advancing it more and more towards progress and to date the latest revolutionary tool he has delivered to us is called Blockchain!

What is the Blockchain?

I'll be honest, I'll try to answer this question in a very basic way to try to convey the concept, otherwise I'd have to start writing a novel and no longer a "coffee break" article •́ܫ•̀.

The Blockchain, as you can guess from the word itself, is a sort of (immutable) block chain in which in each of these it is possible to write information that can be consulted by any user, provided that a public blockchain is used.
In summary we could define it to all effects as a "digital register" available to all!
Now think about how many sectors this technology could be applied to. From food tracking to application in the automotive industry and finally, but not least, to the certification of your works of art.

As you may have guessed, there is enormous potential around this technology and I personally believe it is one of the necessary means to use for the digital transition.
From my point of view the Blockchain will revolutionize the whole world just like the Internet did in the past.
I leave attached an example of certification of one of my works made through Certo.Legal which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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What do you think about? I have often found myself sharing this kind of "frustration" with other artists and I would like to know your point of view or your testimonies about it.

I offer you my usual daily coffee and wish you a happy Saturday!