Teach me to love the rain

Teach me to love the rain

I've always enjoyed seeing people being amazed that I loved the rain so much, it put me in a good mood.
I have often heard myself say: "Ok great as long as you are at home under the duvet and the fireplace, but when you have a hectic life, no".

In fact, for as long as I can remember, I've never been afraid of thunderstorms. Even when I was very small and the lightning filled the room my dad was there to hug me, so more than scaring me they intrigued me.

Over time, however, I realized how much my mood was closely linked to the rain. I remember the years when I was studying outside the city and commuting several times a week, between buses and trains, and how that lifestyle made me nervous.

I have already told you about my problems with anxiety attacks, and how lifeonabalcony was born, and I let you imagine what it could be for an agoraphobic to travel and get away from my comfort zone.

I remember the anxiety rising, me trying to resist it, my hands sweating and the train that never seemed to arrive with me trapped inside. It was in those situations there that I realized how bizarre my connection with thunderstorms was.

I remember once in particular a 2-hour journey by bus and I was anxious until I turned my gaze to the window and realized the very black sky. In the distance I heard thunder and saw the asphalt fill with droplets: in an instant, peace!
The anxiety suddenly disappeared and I felt like I was suddenly in a familiar environment. I can't give myself a logical explanation and that's why I can't explain to others how I can love rain so much.

How do you explain in words something that is absolutely natural for us?

Could it be the feeling of not feeling alone but, on the contrary, even feeling "understood" by something that at that moment is in a storm exactly like you?

Who knows.