How was lifeonabalcony born

How was lifeonabalcony born?

"Every balcony has a story to tell, you just need to know how to listen with your eyes."

When I created #lifeonabalcony in August 2019 I did it driven by the need to communicate my deepest emotions, in the hope and awareness that other people could also reflect in such deeply intimate moments.

The balcony is basically a metaphor for me, a window on the world from which to tell stories and sensations. Often what I try to express is much more hidden than it seems, trying to ensure that the soul and the universe can embrace in a dreamlike background on the border between dream and reality.

It was wonderful to see how deeply people understood me. I have received love, empathy and total understanding from people from all over the world.

As far as I'm concerned, the balcony has always been a comfort zone for me. Being a very anxious person, I often find myself on my balcony watching the stars or the sunset, looking around observing the families of the neighboring buildings or simply breathing from my beloved railing, and suddenly find myself calm. I thought I absolutely had to share all this through my art and try to communicate it to others.

I must say that I was rarely asked the question: "Why do you always draw balconies?". People understood me perfectly, right away. And this fills me with joy because it means that what I'm doing, what I'm trying to express in the most sincere way, somehow arrives.

Chiara Belmonte