Coffee break

Let's drink a coffee!

Art is a part of me, as many other things! Since I started my adventure with lifeonabalcony I have always tried to be myself at 360 °, sharing all sides of me!

I have often talked about my passions, my anxieties and even my personal problems. I was often surprised to receive feedback from the people who followed me and to see how much they could understand me deeply. I was also very happy to discover the interests that unite us, from hobbies to music, from the lightest to the most serious considerations.

I therefore find it liberating and absolutely necessary a section in which to be able to talk about everything, just as if we were on a break from the world, so allowing us to have a healthy chat and a good virtual coffee!

I will certainly range from one topic to another because I consider myself a person full of interests, hobbies, ideas, thoughts and existential dilemmas. In short, I have too many elements that blend in my head and I need to give them light and space! •́ܫ•̀

I hope you want to indulge in this sweet madness! Sometimes you will come out perplexed, other times have fun .. the sure thing is that we will certainly not be bored!


Good coffee to everyone!

(to be honest .. I don't even like coffee! •ᴥ•)