The taste of traditions

The taste of traditions

Hi everybody, how are you?

I emerge from an emotional block that lasted quite a while and, excluding private commissions, I can say that contact with myself and with my art has helped me to unblock myself more and more.

That I am nostalgic is nothing new and this ingredient continues to be perhaps one of the main elements of my works.

Furthermore, being a particularly anxious person (for those who haven't noticed) I always try to recreate safe places with welcoming vibes, the same places where I take refuge in my head when anxiety is out of control.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my childhood and trying to grasp all the simplicity of the little things that have characterized my life.

Perhaps the advance of technology disturbs me a little, perhaps I am even a little disturbed by the ease with which one comes into contact without ever creating a real aggregation, the fact is that I can't help but remember what it was like life when you really cared about others.

We are in a holiday week and I was thinking about when I spent all my time at my grandparents' house without having to check my cell phone in downtime. There really was a time when the real world mattered more than the virtual one and I wanted to go back with my mind to my grandmother's kitchen, a kitchen made up of many small and colorful details, lots of warmth and lots of love.

If your mind could go back to a safe place, where would it be?