I thought of creating this space because I believe that art and creativity in general are good for everyone and that it is right to share as much as possible guides, secrets, tricks and knowledge to help feed the two aforementioned.

After all we have all learned in this way, haven't we? And above all, how much do we still have to learn from others? 

So in this section I'd like to share notions and guides with all of you, even if only for a creative background. It would be wonderful to be able to cover various sectors, from illustration to handmade, from crafts to cooking.

So I invite you too, if you wish, to share tutorial and creative processes with me and the community! It could also prove to be a good opportunity to introduce you and your work / hobby as a special article would obviously be dedicated to you.

Well what to say, if you are looking for new hobbies then stay tuned to discover new techniques and passions!

And if instead you are artists, artisans or food lovers and you want to share some of your tutorials with me and the readers, please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


See you soon!