Meet Pennika

Meet Pennika

The artist with whom I decided to inaugurate the blog is an artist I have been following for a long time and who has always fascinated me for her way of communicating strong messages in a direct and simple way. When I decided to open this section, I found exciting the idea of being able to get to know and introduce you artists and artisans from all over the world. I find it great to be able to share your creativity and be able to compare yourself or be inspired. Today, therefore, I introduce you Pennika!

Hi Penny, I've been following you for a long time now and I love your illustrations. I'd like to know more about it, but before that I'd like to know more about you and how you approached the world of illustration. Would you like to tell me?

Thank you a lot for your words!

I’m Penny, my full name is Panagiota and I’m from Greet, Athens. Since I was 8 years old I started to paint with oil colors and I never changed them!
I started creating canvas and after, when i was 17, I also started to paint walls/furniture/clothes and this became my job!

I did this job for many years since I came to live in Milan. Indeed here in Milan it was difficult to do this job, because you need to have contacts.
So I started to illustrate! As a start I had a main girl character that I created in black and white...after I started to upgrade my illustrations and my inspiration and I arrived to now that I illustrate ordinary girls, that it could be me, you or all of us!

Indeed women are the main protagonists of your works and I love your feminist art so much. Would you like to tell me more about them?

I feel like we need to be more free and express ourselves even more. Through my illustrations every time I feel like I pass some messages.. I like this way of expressing! It’s all about ordinary illustrations.. the feminist part is a part I always try to show because it’s so important! Someone will say that it’s old or that is too much but we have to remind our rights or our life every day without any doubt.

I totally agree with you. When I look your art I also have the sensation to feel myself better with my body and with my imperfections loving every part of me. Is this one of your messages?

Of course! This is the most important of all! I am a woman that hasn't the left hand so I’m also putting myself to all these illustrations about body positivity.. and to feel first good with yourself of course!
This is an amazing concept.
Can I ask you which of your illustrations are you most attached to?

I love simplicity.. I love to spend hours to design simply illustrations but with a big message or that one look will be enough to touch you! That is the reason why I don't put details.. we don’t need details! We are women and men, we are humans .. the inside of us it’s totally another part! I love all my illustrations.

Are there any particular things or people that contribute to your inspiration?

I try to remind to everyone with my illustrations, things and thoughts that maybe we know but still we don’t accept! Sometimes I make fun with designs sometimes I am very serious. I take inspiration from the ordinary life, the ordinary women, men or couples!

Oh I can understand you perfectly.
I have a last question for you.
 Where do you see yourself in the future and what do you wish for yourself?

I see myself out of the city, probably next to the sea with my man and my cat (and more pets for sure) living easy. Loving every day myself, smiling, designing with passion, feeling free, safe and accepting. 

Really thank you Penny ツ

Thank you too! 

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