Meet Marion

Meet Marion

The artist I'd like to introduce to you this week is an artist who will certainly warm you up with her colors and her ability to emanate positive vibes. I love her touch and her way of representing reality and women and, I'm sure, you will love it too.
Today I introduce you Marion!

Hello Marion! I love your art and your colors. I’d like to begin this conversation starting from the origins and asking how your passion for illustration was born.

Hello Chiara! I’ve always been interested in art in general. I studied design and I had some friends who drew on Illustrator. I was very admiring. Then one day I wanted to try it too! Since then I draw every day! I really started in September 2019.

Your characters are really interesting and they are mostly women. Would you like to tell me about them and how they are born?

Thank you very much! When I started, I didn't have precise ideas of what to draw. In fact, at the beginning I didn't really draw portraits. Then I wanted to draw women because I find that there are a lot of things to draw and learn: putting on accessories, doing a lot of different hairstyles, choosing clothes etc. I'm very happy to be able to draw women. Recently, I've been drawing faces and I'm much happier with the result, they look alive and I love working on their haircuts. But I also try to draw men but I don't post a lot on Instagram. Let's say that my only model is my boyfriend. ツ 

I can understand you! ツ 
I like discovering how other artists feel themselves when they are drawing. I , for example, feel myself free like in a sort of parallel world. Can I ask you about your emotions when you draw?

Humm yes I see! ツ 

For my part I am in my thoughts and it's funny because I have the impression that I do things automatically! But I love this feeling where I am there but elsewhere at the same time.


Yeah same sensation! It’s magic!
Do you listen music or watch something during your creative process? is there something that stimulates your creativity in that moment?

Well it depends ! Sometimes I am in total silence, and at other times I like listening to music. I also recently discovered the pleasure of listening to Podcasts and I love it. When I just want to relax, I watch a series and it's the perfect combo!


What were (if there were) your artistic influences? Is there anyone or something in particular that you draw inspiration from?

Hm I don't have any artists or any particular influence, I like a lot of things with different styles and I’m inspired by all that at the same time. Also by what surrounds me, objects, landscapes, people ... I mix all that. ツ 


Which of your illustrations are you most attached to? Is there anyone who has a particular meaning for you?

I really like the last one, the Irish landscape because it reminds me a lot of very good memories of my travelling ! Generally I’m attached to all those which make me think of my family or a special moment.



I have a last question for you. How do you see yourself in the future and what do you wish yourself as an illustrator? Do you have a particular goal that you hope to achieve?

I would love opening a shop to sell my artwork! I think about it a lot and I can’t wait to start it soon! Otherwise I hope to progress again and again, to have illustration projects that make me dream and always have fun drawing !!



Great! Really thank you Marion! I’ll let you know when I will publish this lovely chat! Thank you so much  

Thank you very much Chiara for taking the time to ask me some questions, it was very fun and it made me very happy!

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