Meet PicHeart

Meet PicHeart

This week I present to you an artist like few others, able to give life through needle and thread to wonderful creations. I would like to rediscover with you the beauty and uniqueness of handmade work and that is why today I want to introduce you to an artisan.
Meet Giovanna Picariello!

Hi Giovanna! Tell us a little about who you are and what you do.

Hello Chiara! My name is Giovanna, I am 27 years old and I am a Social Health Worker. Now you ask yourself so what does this have to do with this space?
If I accepted to participate in this interview it is because I have a strong passion for handmade.
From an early age my mother taught me to sew, and with a needle in her hands my first cross stitch works were born. With me the desire to express myself through creativity grew, and I discovered the pannolenci, my inseparable companion. When I create something it is as if I move my mind away from all daily thoughts and carve out a moment of my own. Creating makes me feel good, a kind of therapy that has no side effects other than well-being. Over time I noticed that my creations liked all the people I showed them to and then I thought: why not try to show my art to everyone?
So here I am!

Your creations are beautiful, they bring joy and colors to the little ones and make adults become children again. Can you tell me how PicHeart was born?

My creations are the kind of creations that serve to "beautify" the house, to welcome a sweet baby, to make a personalized gift to a friend or to show our love to our sweetheart. They are those creations that just looking at them give lightness, beauty, and all those sensations that I myself feel when I make them.
What inspired me is the desire to pamper yourself through things that seem superfluous but contain a sea of emotions.

In your opinion, do art and craftsmanship have the attention they deserve in Italy? How difficult is it to keep these passions today?

Sore point. Craftsmanship is a sector that in my opinion today has a lot of importance and value, a value that not all people are able to give it. Behind the handmade is a lot, a lot of work that is often not understood.
Do you believe that in a world that is gradually becoming digitalized, handwork can be appreciated, or is there a risk that it will be completely forgotten?

Let's say that it is not really easy for a craftsman to show what he does through social media, for example. But today social commerce is a very important alternative channel. I therefore believe that our work will be increasingly appreciated also through these channels.

Which of your creations are you most attached to and why?

In reality they are linked to all my creations, I always have a hard time detaching myself from them. In each of my creations there is always a little piece of me!

A dream in the drawer that you would like to realize?

My secret dream is to make my passion my only profession. And if this does not happen, I hope to be able to have fun making my creations anyway, if only for the pleasure of doing it.

Thank you a lot Giovanna ツ

Thank you too! 

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