Meet Laura Sills

Meet Laura Sills

This week I want to tell you about an artist who, as far as I'm concerned, was able to captivate me with her masterpieces at first glance.. Meet Laura Sills!

I am Italian and as much as I love my country, since I was a child I have always dreamed of America and in particular New York.

It still remains one of my biggest dreams, I just need to look at it in a photograph to move me. Literally.

Since I discovered Laura Sills I can't help but dream even more admiring her works.
Laura is a Brooklyn photographer who made New York the wonderful muse and protagonist of her shots. I challenge anyone not to be enchanted by the splendid and hypnotic colors with which Laura describes a city that is already so majestic in itself.

If you are passionate about photography, if you also dream of New York even while awake if you too cannot do without aesthetic color in your homes, I can only recommend the wonderful prints by Laura Sills. 

Alas I am currently stuck between removals and other things but I am sure that as soon as I settle down I will fill the house with her beautiful prints!

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