Meet Eloise

Meet Eloise

The artist I want to introduce to you this week is an artist I've been following for a long time and she was one of the very first I met when I founded lifeonabalcony. Meet Eloise's Blend Lettering!

Eloise Barbanera is a Decorator and Graphic Designer and is the founder of Blend, her creative studio in Rome. After a long and remarkable course of study you have combined Advertising Graphics with a passion for Lettering and Typography.

"Lettering is the art of drawing letters.

Eloise's task is therefore to design and create wonderful written and illustrated phrases that go well with the design of brands and brand identity as well as the creation of decorations on walls, shop windows, signs or shutters.

Eloise is what I would call a 360-degree artist. Her creations, the choice of colors and the passion she dedicates to her projects are definitely contagious. In fact, not only she is able to create beautiful creations but she really manages to involve you in the stories that lie behind each of them, dragging you into a whirlwind of inspiration and desire to do!


Through his works Eloise also reminds us of the importance of handmade, of the immense value and uniqueness that only a handmade product with attention to the smallest detail is able to possess.


So if you want something that is yours alone, that tells you the best and to which you can attribute a special value, I can only strongly advise you to follow Blend Lettering and the owner Eloise. ツ

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