Hello everyone!

My name is Chiara Belmonte, I am 28 years old and I am an Italian illustrator.

I'm not a writer and maybe I'm not even that good at expressing my thoughts except through art (which doesn't seem to be a great premise for starting a blog) but I have this irrepressible tendency to want to share thoughts and emotions with the whole world and that's the reason why I decided to open what I hope will become a cozy and unpretentious place where you can meet for a virtual coffee!

I would like to create a welcoming place in which to chat and share what are my (but above all yours)) inclinations, passions and notions. For these and other reasons I have in fact tried to set up a place that puts at ease and makes those who enter it feel at home through many initiatives and projects that you will discover gradually.

For the moment, I prefer not to reveal everything to you immediately but to let you discover all the news by yourself. I only anticipate that I will simply be a lady of the house, ready to welcome you and pamper you with gifts and attention. In fact, in one way or another you will be protagonists of my world together with my passions, yours and those of many others.

There will be several weekly appointments, soper cui this virtual home will always be open for when and if you want to come by even just for a greeting.

I conclude (for now) this introduction with the hope of creating a creative and close-knit community.


A virtual coffee for everyone,