The power of illustration

The power of illustration

How I love to give life to what I imagine! I was born a dreamer, I just can't stay in the here and now, I continuously fantasize about everything even when I look out the window. Maybe this too led me to live on illustrations, the idea of giving life to a world that doesn't exist except in your head is too stimulating.

A special wish to all woman

A special wish to all women.

Best wishes to all women 🌼

In particular to those who, like me, live a bit with their heads in the clouds and always with their nose up looking at the sky and stars.

How to recover VET on BNB Smart Chain

How to recover $VET on BNB Smart Chain

If you ended up in this article, you most likely wanted to remove your VET from the CEX (VERY WELL!) and send them to your VeChain private wallet, but you mistakenly selected the wrong sending chain (BNB Smart Chain).
Calm down, don't worry, fortunately there is the possibility of recovering your VET!

New blog column!

My new blog column!

How I dreamed of starting a column like this! Finally I said to myself: And why not? Beyond illustration, play has always been a constant in my life and an activity that I have never been able to give up. From the classic board games or pocket puzzles to the historical videogames of my beloved Playstation 1, I have always played something and still there is no day in which I do not dedicate some time to my entertainment par excellence. Not only that, I consider it a necessary step for my creative process.