Sunday with tv show Friends!

Sunday with Friends..Tv Show!

I'll tell you, Sunday is not my favorite day of the week. There are those who love it, those who hate it, for some it lasts too short and for others time never seems to pass. In recent years Sunday had become for me the antechamber of anxiety in anticipation of Monday, my terrible Mondays.

The importance of copyright

The importance of Copyright

Today I would like to talk to you about a topic that is particularly close to my heart. In my case, I mainly appeal to artists. Tell the truth, how many times have you wandered around the web to see your works of art had been indexed by various search engines and maybe discover that some page has used your work without giving you the right credits?

Coffee break

Let's drink a coffee!

Art is a part of me, as many other things! Since I started my adventure with lifeonabalcony I have always tried to be myself at 360 °, sharing all sides of me!