World of V is born!

World Of V is born

Hello guys! As you know the world is constantly evolving and the same goes for the projects that are born on the Blockchain

Eurovision 2021 Maneskin win!

Måneskin win the Eurovision Song Contest!

Attached to the TV until late one that not even at the 2006 World Cup final!The songs in the competition were really of a very high level, this is ascertained, but this year Italy really deserved it. But who are the Måneskin, winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Teach me to love the rain

Teach me to love the rain

I've always enjoyed seeing people being amazed that I loved the rain so much, it put me in a good mood.I have often heard myself say: "Ok great as long as you are at home under the duvet and the fireplace, but when you have a hectic life, no". In fact, for as long as I can remember, I've never been afraid of thunderstorms.

What is a NFT

NFT: this is how digital art is changing

Today I would like to explain to you in very poor and simple words this new frontier that is opening up in digital art or the conversion of one's works into NFT